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Hello! Welcome to the SUTD Alumni Association dashboard.

We'll be updating this page with the latest news and events, so be sure to check back in soon!

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Growing our Network

We intend to grow our network by reaching out to alumni to take part in the following activities:


Connect with current SUTDents to offer guidance, direction and opportunities


Bringing in prospective SUTDents with the right spirit and culture-fit

📈 GrowSUTD

Keeping SUTD and its alumni at the cutting edge of knowledge, innovation and education.

Latest News

Hellooooo alumni! We've just sent our Hello World email to the Office, and we're seeing hits on our new event management system already. This is the first step to a seamless (sorry Joshia) and fruitful alumni experience.

We're thinking of setting up a bounty board for alumni to post initiatives they'd like to start. Let us know what you think! - ya boi Alex

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