This is our very first newsletter! As promised we will send you at most once a month and at least once a quarter. So here goes!

We hope you've been doing well amidst newly lifted Covid-19 restrictions. Since the June AGM, we've been working on our top priorities: closing the 2018 25K Challenge, fleshing out our sub-goals, and upcoming events.

Overall Updates

Here we will provide an idea of what was done and italicised points are elaborated further in the newsletter.

Timeline of events

June: AGM, set up Notion infrastructure, reach out to offices, mentor DiscoverSUTD organising committee

July: Kickstart 25K Challenge resolution, Met key donor and reached an agreement on funds, reviewed SUTDAA's proposed initiatives

August: Met SUTD's key personnel and reached resolution for the 25K Challenge, finalised planning for DiscoverSUTD, spoke with SUTD's Alumni Office on their long-term plan

September: Helped out with DiscoverSUTD

Q4's priorities

  1. Initiatives - Develop a way to ensure accountability for our initiatives and alumni's donations. Instil transparency in how our funds are used and how alumni can contribute to specific projects rather than a blanket 'membership fee'.
  2. SUTD's Alumni Office - Streamline initiatives across providing jobs, internationalisation, and communications.
  3. JoinSUTD - Restart conversation on how alumni can join the selection process for new undergraduates.

Detailed Updates

Here we will go into the specifics of what has been done to let you know our progress and give different avenues of how we might collaborate.

1. 25K Challenge - Updates

tl;dr We met with the 25K Challenge organising team, the main donor, SUTD's CFO and Advancement Office, and SUTD's Alumni Office to conclude this initiative. It has been agreed that we will use the funds to kickstart the SUTD Alumni Bursary.

To all the alumni who donated to the 25K Challenge back in 2018 - thank you for your contribution, and on behalf of the 25K Challenge team, we apologize for not following up on this sooner.

With the funds raised, we'll be kickstarting the SUTD Alumni Bursary. However we don't intend for this to just be a simple one-way transaction. We’re looking to develop a bursary in which our recipient receives mentorship from the alumni on top of financial aid, and subsequently, uses these experiences to contribute to both the SUTD undergraduate and alumni communities. Our first recipient will be awarded the bursary in AY 2022, and we’re currently working on ironing out the terms of the bursary as this will be happening soon.