PL EngRes Mission

Our mission is to scale & unlock new opportunities for IPFS, Filecoin + libp2p & related protocols.

We do this by:

Strategy and Goals

Our strategy centers around:

  1. Hyperscale the knowledgeable + aligned developers improving the PL Stack (IPFS, Filecoin, libp2p, IPLD, and more)
    1. Scale hiring & PL Launchpad
    2. Transition to default-open, network-native development
  2. Deliver robust, accessible storage & retrieval of data across IPFS & Filecoin
    1. Seamless PiB Onboarding
    2. Reliable Retrievals
    3. Supra-linear Adoption
  3. Launch Network Breakthroughs that unlock user-defined programmability in Filecoin, Scalability and Compute
    1. FVM, Retrieval Markets, Consensus Scalability, Compute over Data, Timelock Encryption, etc
  4. Keep critical team + network systems running smoothly
    1. Reliable releases, infra, & observability

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2023 Q1 OKRs

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Graded Q4 OKRs

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PL EngRes Teams

IP Stewards


Research Dev

Product Dev


Retrieval Markets

PL EngRes WGs

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