We’re lucky to have a vibrant, passionate, creative community. Hailing from around the world, our members host events, lead groups, make videos, build and share Notion templates, teach classes, and so much more. Most importantly, Notion’s Community is a resource for all users. If you’re new or looking to learn more, this page will point you to community resources for anything you need. And if you’re looking to get more involved yourself, you’re in the right place! 🙌

Get started

Based on what you’re looking for, choose a path below.

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Join an event or webinar

Every week, community members are hosting IRL and online events to introduce new users to the basics, delve deeply into complex topics and setups, or connect with their local Notion communities. Take a look and register for the ones you’re most excited about. You can browse events by “Campus” (gatherings hosted by Notion Campus Leaders at universities around the world!) and “City” (local gatherings hosted by Notion Ambassadors and other enthusiasts).


Join a community-hosted group or forum

Thousands of Notion users gather on these community-hosted forums to trade tips, answer questions, meet virtually, and share creations. These forums are not hosted, sponsored, or moderated by Notion, but are full of valuable content for you.

Location-based groups

Find a Notion group in your city or language. If you don’t see one for you, learn how you can kick one off here.

Get involved