We are designing games, team exercises and so on that can go in the chapters. Maybe you want to make a game that can live in the handbook? Many people who are making games for the Future Togetherness Handbook have no experience in game design. That's no problem.

  1. Pick a chapter to make a game about.
  2. Develop a game seed. (See below.)
  3. Get feedback! Share it with Joe Edelman or Anne to get in the chapter-specific whatsapp group, and ask in the group to find someone to meet up with, to test and improve your idea.
  4. Bring it to the Future Togetherness Test Kitchen. Once you workshopped, playtested and improved your game, schedule a full meeting of your local Future Togetherness Test Kitchen. Test it in a large group. Bonus if other people who made a game for the same chapter want to run their game at the same session.
  5. A scribe will capture info about how your game works and put it in the book!

😃 Add yourself to the List of Collaborators at any point in the above.

Develop a Game Seed

Most games begin with a hunch — a hunch of a skill you want to practice, a situation you want to approach differently, a moment you want to share with other people. We call such a hunch a "game seed." You can think of it as the question that your game will answer. A good way to start making your game is to develop such a "game seed" and then meet up with someone who can workshop it with you.

Some game seeds look like this:

Etc.. Here are examples of the kind of "amazing powerful moments" that might make for a good game seed: