<aside> 🖋️ written by Joshua Glass on 16 June 2020


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🌀Process outline

Omnipresent process

Linear process

  1. 🧠Concept
  2. 🗓Planning & Produce
  3. 🎣Reel in the Congregation
  4. 🤝Meeting 1: Welcome March
  5. 🤝Meeting 2: Welcome April
  6. 🤝Meeting 3: Welcome May [optional]
  7. 👣Peer Coaching Session
  8. 🤑Money Talk
  9. 🌕The Mini-Gathering
  10. 🐬Crewing

📄Table of Contents

🔦2018 - Pre-Research (mucking about)

Conception & Exploring connection || January → December

Appetize Empathy - a thoughtful dining experience (iArts poverty project) [Jan]

Appetize Empathy was an artistic dinner show in which 8 participants were selected from a wide range of socio-economic positions. The guests were invited to dine with each other for 2 hours.

The project was seeded at the start of 2018 when I began research into the state of poverty nearby Maastricht. The aim was to eventually "create an artistic dinner show" which would express my findings and reflections. I worked on this with four colleagues from iArts (Rubi Jansen, Milou Elbersen, Anchel Pablos, Mattia Vavassori).

In retrospect, I notice Appetize Empathy relates clearly to my current work of 2020: