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M○C△ ROOMs are engine agnostic, virtual-world-interoperable, 1-of-1 architectural NFTs. They are decentralized extensions of the Museum itself. With a ROOM NFT, holders can independently and permissionless-ly curate, exhibit, and deploy art exhibitions, shows, and spatial experiences. ROOMs are built from the M○C△ Multipass and M○C△ Show products; this allows holders to activate artworks of their choice, exhibit curated art collections directly into the 3D Galleries, across any virtual world from within our dApp. They are smart art and architecture together.

How-To: M○C△ ROOMs

ROOMs Requirements

🖼️ ROOMs Application


<aside> 📣 Every ROOM NFT is a 1-of-1 (unique) work of architecture hand-crafted by M○C△-curated architects. Are you interested in submitting a ROOM design? 🛠 Applications are open!


Get a ROOM? Own a section of the Museum

Each architect drop also comes with a ROOM that can be bought for eth in 1/1 auctions.

Additionally our Nouns Fork enables one ROOM per day. The 24-hour auctions of ROOM Pass NFTs are the entry points and allow you to participate in raffles for 1/1 ROOM designs by incredible architects that mint on MOCA ROOMs.

Both are ways (aside from the secondary market) to obtain a part of the museum that you’ll be able to curate onchain using our gasless curation stack. Join our Discord if you have any questions. Our team will do its best to get you set. First integraitons