The cultural conversation currently lives on Twitter, we can all agree that discussion needs a more permanent (less hair-trigger) home. We hope M○C△’s Forum Board an be an authentic place for learning and connecting.

Just as BitcoinTalk became a historical repository for the experiences and murmurings of those within the early days of the cryptocurrency world, we want to use our Forum to tell the stories of how all this –beautiful this! — was created, who was responsible, what factors produced it, and what it all means. This community-minded Forum represents M○C△’s commitment to being an agnostic nucleus and record-keeper for the discussion, analysis, and reflection of Crypto Art, of Web3, and of the community of developers, artists, collectors growing within. The Forum is currently in its beta version, and we’ll update you all as it grows.

Getting Started

Our web3-enabled forum is tightly integrated into the M○C△ Multipass and allows you to use your name, pfp, rank and pass by connecting your wallet with a few clicks.


Step 1: Create your account


Step 2: Connect via Web3



<aside> 💡 That’s it. There is no step 3 so you are good to go and can start to post on the official MOCA forums. You can re-sync your account (rank, name, pfp) by "reconnect wallet" again.


Token Gated Access

The forum already contains gated categories. Without a M○C△ Multipass rank you won’t be able to see the entirety of the forum. Own or stake $MOCA Token and engage via onchain likes, comments aswell as MOCA POAPs to unlock ranks in the MOCA M○C△ Governance & Points system.

Launch Access Structure (Late 2021 / Early 2022)