By @Chris

Missed the boat on Electric Objects? Don't trust that super expensive frame that on Amazon with dubious reviews that doesn't even loop? Feeling a lil' DIY energy from being stuck inside? GIF worker no longer working in your GIF office & missing all of the loops playing on every surface? Make your own dang Loopy!

This will wind up costing between $175 - $250 (if you have nothing) and a few hours of your precious time if you do things right & a few more hours if, like me, you don't. It's of moderate? difficulty. If you don't know anything about computers and terminal this might be a little harder for you, but you'll probably get by.

Also, I didn't come up with any of this crap, I just followed instructions & broke stuff & Googl'd things until it started working.


Get Ready

Prepare Your Pi

Make Loopies


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Better than reading this whole thing? The tl;dr version of this tutorial is plug a screen into a pi, install this, config it to use hello_video as the player, convert your loops to .h264 with ffmpeg, & send those loops to ~/videos.