Each tenant in the building designates a representative. This person will be given an admin access to their own environment. Note that this environment is completely separate from your real estate environment.

Add a tenant representatives

Head over to the Admin Panel, click the Buildings tab, and select the building to which you want to add a new tenant.


Click on Add Representative, and provide the name of the tenant representative, as well as their company name and email address.


The tenant representative

When the tenant representative has been added, they will receive an email inviting them to join Workwell and setup and organization.


Once the representative clicks on the link, they will be asked to create a password. The representative can then login to the Admin Panel, and set up their company.


Once the company has been set up, the tenant representative can now manage their organization in full independence, with the exception that they won't be able to activate or deactivate services, as this is done by the real estate / property manager, that is, you. To get started, the tenant representative may follow these guides:

Setup Administrators

Invite Users