Learn how to invite and manage members of your organization.

In the Admin Panel, head over to the Users tab. There, you will see the list of users of your organization, the site and department to which they belong, and their status:


Adding users manually

To add a single user, click the "Add User" button. Fill in the user detail, and choose the site to which the user will be added. This will be set as the user's home site, but they will still be able to switch sites in the app.


Upon confirmation, the user will receive an email with instructions on how to download the app and set up their account. Once done, their status will go from "Pending" to "Active".

Importing users

Instead of adding each user manually, you can bulk import a list of users all at once. In the User Management panel, click "Import User", select the site to which your users should be imported, and drag and drop a CSV file in the designated area.


The CSV file should adhere to the following: