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What is Regenerative Agriculture


It’s time to celebrate farmers

Farmers around the world are the heroes and heroines who feed us. They are the basis for our societies, yet we overlook them constantly. Portraying them as the problem is wrong.

The problems are the social, cultural and economical structures which favour the use of heavy machinery, monocropping and ever growing farm sizes to keep up with investment costs.

Farmers are often trapped in cycles of debt and are forced to invest in even more machinery and chemical inputs into the farm to keep business going. To many of them, it appears as if there was no other way of doing things.

This is why as a global community we’re building Regenerative Farming as a viable alternative to Industrial Farming.

There still is a big lack of understanding and misconception about regenerative agriculture. We understand it as a productive form of agriculture which restores soil health, rebuilds ecosystems and provides a range of ecosystem services.

However, access to training and best practices is still not offered in any institutionalised way. Farmers need to have access to the best information to make confident long-term decisions.

That is why one of our main goals is to support people with in-depth knowledge and experiences from already established regenerative farms.

How does it work?


Principles of Regenerative Agriculture

Keep Soil Undisturbed