Wait, what's Medium?

Much like the last platform we discussed in the previous episode, Medium is a publishing platform and a workspace tool that can be utilized in a number of ways. We will be using it primarily to layout our work spaces over several platforms, linking them all together, and building the face of our brand/s. Essentially we are using this space to build our Brand Kit and also as a free subscription system. What's a Brand Kit? It's basically the face of you, your content, your company, your business. A set of images, color palette, emojis, logos, etc that represent you. Even music comes into play here and you can use your imagination when creating these tools.

Ok, how do I use it?

Go ahead and sign up for a free subscription like on Notion. Once you've gotten all set up you will go to your profile in the top right-hand corner of the screen. This will pull down a menu where you can do a number of things including "Write a Story". Since we have already created an article on Notion, we're going to choose the "Stories" option. This will bring you to a screen that will list your drafts, published articles, and responses to your articles. There are two options listed on your top right of the screen and we will choose the "Import a Story" option (This "Import" option can also be found on the left-hand menu at the bottom of the menu). This screen will give you the option to enter a link to your blog post/article/story/manifesto to import and share it on Medium. Post the link to your Notion article you wrote on https://www.Notion.so/

Now check to make sure everything came through properly and edit as needed.

Next we brand it. We have a number of options to choose from here. We can embed links, images, wallpapers, banners, emojis, gifs, wav/mp4 files, etc. I will tell you how you should create how your article looks here but i will suggest choosing some common themes that readers might be able to always remember is unique to you or your business/brand. You can also customize the fonts, collors, themes, tables, charts, templates, etc.

Once you've got your article the way you want it to look, you can not only publish (with similar options we spoke about in Ep.2) but now we will also have the option of using this article as a template. (Hint: you can also use your own articles or others' articles as templates for your own articles if the writer has selected this option to allow others to use a templates. I have in this series and you can copy all of these Episodes as templates of your own.)

Why did we start a Notion and then a Medium?

Patience young paduan, you will soon become a Jedi and learn to use the force. So, we are accomplishing a couple things here. Notion will be tracked by SourceCred and that tool will reward you in some communities, (Like MetaGame, who I am writing for right now), which we will get to in a later episode. Medium will be used as our free web2 subscription service that readers can subscribe to and be notified every time we upload an article (which we plan to automate so we are eliminating redundancies and only having to write one article and publish on multiple web2 and web3 platforms with only a few clicks). We are also leaving breadcrumbs all over web2 to be linked to our web3 content.


Practice with some of the customization available to you on this platform. The free features are very extensive and powerful tools and integrations. How cool can you make it look?!


We wrote an article on Notion, imported it to Medium, customized our design template for our article and future articles. Now we put it up in the web3 space. Blockchain here we come!

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