Wait, what's Notion?

Self described as an "All-in-one Workspace", Notion allows individuals and groups to organize their work and collaborate with other individuals and teams. With many tools, templates, and integrations, it is a powerful tool for a writer. Here we will just go over how to sign up and get started. This is their wiki (ref 2).

Ok, how do I use it?

Sign up

We will first need to navigate to Notion.so (ref 3)

Click on "sign up" and enter your email (or choose another option) and select a password.

Once you have confirmed your sign up route (email, google, etc) you will be able to access your homepage. You can customize your profile and connect to many apps to import/export work and many other options we will not be going over in this article.

Start your first Notion

On your home screen you will find an option to "+ New page"


Click on this. You will now have an empty page brought up with a prompt to enter a title for your page.


Underneath the title you will find a number of options for templates or you may just press "enter" to start with a blank page.

When creating your new page and thereafter you can hover over the left side of each line and see a "+" and a 3 lined menu button. Click on these for options on what content or content structure you would like on this selected line.


There is support for tons of media types, coding languages, markdown, and many other features. You can refer to this guide (ref 4) for some additional tips and tricks.


When you've got your article/workspace all finished for the time being (you can always come back and edit), click on the "Share" button at the top right of the page. You are given the option to publish this page publicly or share a link for your team members to comment/edit/duplicate as a template. We will be sharing our article publicly as we want the world to utilize our work being shared.