There is a mass of articles and recommendations on how you to launch on Product Hunt, but I decided to share our own recent experience. During the launch, I experienced all kinds of emotions from complete disappointment to joy.

The community of ProductHunt is great and most of the B2C online products aim to launch there. For us it was essential to launch on Product Hunt as we target the founders and entrepreneurial spirit folks. So we were eagerly searching for the initial feedback of PH community.

We started to prepare for the launch around one month before and the last week was especially super intensive. After reading different materials on how to launch on Product Hunt, it was clear what we need to finalize before launch:

  1. PRODUCT: Prepare all the assets for your product post
  2. HUNTER: Select who gonna publish it
  3. SUPPORTERS: Make the list of places, groups, social networks or people to share


Read a lot about launch

I read different resources, how to launch on ProductHunt, mainly focused on the resources provided by the product hunt itself and by the friends who launched before. The first and main resource which I found is the ProductHunt Checklist of what to do and what not todos:

In the Launch Checklist, I found general and useful tips about how to design your "Post". After roaming around over different products, I noticed that the most names are just the names of the brand and the tagline is often referring to some popular product like " Netflix for ..." or if the product relates to some other super popular one, the tagline or name include it " ... for Figma".

The special attention, of course, catches What Not to Do Part of the list and two other MOST IMPORTANT TIPS. So who should hunt the product and how to share it with your friends, social networks and supporters.

Regarding the Hunters, we didn't plan to attract the popular hunter from the beginning, and one of the startup advisers (with 400 subscribers) launched the products before and was happy to launch making me as a maker.

So the last and most important questions were how to share the content. Product Hunt recommends to share straight links without any "cheating the system things", a couple of friends told and recommended not to do that. The author of one of the top in Google search article says " Send your soldiers on the ProductHunt"

Create a list of supporters

"The truth is that unless you already have a massive community of followers, getting on top of Product Hunt will be a constant battle Link