Learn how to create reservations using Eat App

There are a multiple methods of creating reservations using Eat App. To better understand these methods it is important to make a distinction between the types of reservations that your table management system can handle.

Reservations fall into two categories:

  1. Online
  2. In House

Online Reservations

Online reservations are reservations that are created by your guests through your booking widget or from our reservation network. These reservations automatically appear in your table management system where you can view, manage, and edit them with ease.

In House Reservations

"In House" reservations is the term we use to define all reservations that are manually created by you or your restaurant staff using Eat App. Whether that be a walk-in, an email request received by a staff member, or a phone call that comes in during the day. The process to add an in house reservation is unified across Eat App but can be triggered in a number of ways.

Let's first dive into the process of creating an in house reservation. The image below highlights what that process looks like.


Guest Name

The following options are available for the guest name field: