Learn how to make the most of Eat App's online reservation feature

Restaurants using Eat App have the ability to generate reservations online. This can be done through online booking widgets and Eat App's reservation network.

What does your booking widget look like?


Setting Up Restaurant for Online Reservations

The following steps will get you up and running and ready to receive bookings from the web.

1. Edit your online hours

The first and most important in setting up your online booking widget is making sure your restaurant hours are correctly defined. This means setting up your shifts.

By default your restaurant is given a default shift, to learn more about how to set up your shifts correctly read our article on shifts here.

2. Set up your Restaurant Layout

To learn more about setting up your restaurant layout click here.

Once done, you are now ready to start generating reservations online at your restaurant.

Booking Widgets

Once your restaurant is set up to start receiving online reservations, navigate to the settings tab of Eat App and switch over to the "Widget" tab. This is where you will be able to access your various restaurant booking widgets