The Community Ladder is central to MOCA’s ethos, helping democratize the museum’s collection by doling out 100,000 of our governance token, $moca, (1% of total supply, more than $400,000) to the most active NFT communities in the space. Throughout this 2-Phase endeavor, members who use the M○C△ Multipass to activate and curate their NFTs into our Community Collection will shoot their community up our leaderboard, garnering massive $moca payouts for the top projects.

Announcing the Community Ladder

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Phase 1 Has Officially Concluded!

On December 31st, Phase 1 of our Community Ladder officially concluded, capping off three months of feverish NFT activation. What a monumental success! Congratulations to BOTZ NFT, a project which, despite minting at the end of December, skyrocketed up the Community Ladder to claim first place, overtaking Mooncats and Artvatars by the slimmest of margins. Nearly 50% of all BOTZ NFTs were activated into the Community Collection; astounding.

Rewards for the top-10 most activated projects will be sent out to community treasuries or directly to their users in January. Look for a more detailed blog post about Phase 1 and reward distribution to be published soon. Congratulations to all the winners, listed below:

Top 10 Communities of Phase 1

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What’s Cooking Now?: Phase 2 started January 1st

Phase 2 of our Community Ladder began on January 1st, kicking off a year-long program where we will give out 66,666 $moca tokens in total, 5555 a month, to each month’s 10 most active communities.

Create your M○C△ Multipass and support your favorite communities by activating your NFTs into the museum’s enthusiast-curated Community Collection. Use the MOCA dapp to expand your profile (Subgraph fueled API Endpoints) and express support for your nearest, dearest projects. Members can activate up to 10 NFTs per day. Express yourself, earn $moca for your community, and win bragging rights each and every month for the next calendar year.



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