What is an AN DAO Community Member?

The Aragon Network DAO Charter defines a Community Member as: Any ANT Holder participating in the communication platforms, including Aragon’s Discord server, Aragon’s Telegram group, Aragon Forum, Aragon Network DAO, online and offline gatherings, and/or other groups and platforms of the Aragon Network.

How Do I Get Involved?

Contributor Guide:

10 Ways to Participate in the AN DAO Community:

  1. Explore the AN DAO Documentation!

  2. Attend our Weekly AMAs!

  3. Join Community Calls!

  4. Check out the Aragon product stack and talk to us about starting your own DAO!

  5. Follow Aragon on Twitter!

    Become an evangelist and help us spread the good word of crypto, DAOs and freedom!

  6. Participate in Governance!

  7. Become an Aragon Ambassador!