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Defending Communities against False Gurus, Slick Wisdom, and Primadonnas

It's well known that the "spiritual marketplace" doesn't surface the wisest people—many gurus and spiritual leaders are best considered leaders in self-marketing, rather than in spirit or personal wisdom. We may even have more to learn from the quiet people—those who don't surround themselves with disciples, or announce their videos and classes on social media.

The same dynamics can also be found in smaller circles. The people and visions which dominate any particular community and circle are not necessarily the most worthy.

Power Games

Can power dynamics can be eliminated from groups? Can they be substantially reduced? Maybe not. But we know—at least—that games and rituals can invert the normal hierarchies and lay them bare. Here we gather games that do this, starting with two kinds of inversions.

Impediments to Wisdom

Individual takes and tactics aren't the only ways that false wisdom rises to the top. Games in this chapter also combat...

Games and rituals can help with all three of these: when someone is pushing a a broad norm of ideal character, we can contextualize it, and exalt instead those with less-broad and more-varying values. We can make opportunities that escalate those who don’t fit the usual in-group pattern-matching and celebrity dynamics. And we can reserve a special dunce corner for those who promise us ultimate meaning.

For myself, I find that I have each of the following tendencies in myself—tendencies to have a take, to pursue ideal character, to search for wisdom among the attractive people, and to seek ultimate meaning. I look forward to playing games that provide alternatives.


Future Togetherness Chapter 1: Resilience Against BS and Power Games by Joe Edelman

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