Bladerunner roadmap

The Upala itself is in the active development (and even research). The DAO has some time to prepare for the launch.

Stage 1. Humans assemble!

Come on, join us human! Here is the telegram group for the DAO - todo. And bring other humans too. Spread the word. Save the world!

Stage 2. Pre-DAO.

Decide on the Bladerunner roles above and help shape Upala.

Filling the pools

Score providers, will you fill the pools? Will you do it, even with no profit (except improving Sybil-resistance).

Score consumer. ****It makes sense for Dapps to sponsor pools. Will you sponsor score providers? Will score consumers pay for scores?

Both. ****Can we find some external sponsor?


How can Upala help make integration easier with score providers and score consumers?

Do you think this pivot is good?

Will you signal Upala explosions inside your identity system?

Decide on a DAO

What kind of DAO is the best? Fork hive?

Charging DApps

What is the best way to charge DApps for providing scores to them?

Stage 3. Init!

Deploy the DAO! Fill the pools!