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Hi 👋

Welcome to my weird page of stuff I’m into.

I’m a Creative Strategist, Film-maker and Founder of ONCE.

Here you can explore my skills, work, insights and ideas. Each page is interlinked for your exploration. Do yourself a service and slow down, feed your curiosity. (follow other channels to the right or click here to get reminded later if you need space)

I've temporarily made all of my work public so you can dive into my creativity and exploration of system change through toggles and links below. Some pages may be half finished, but thats just part of the process and the joy of landing here today in this journey.

I'm sure you'll find something interesting.

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The Universe, by Sengai Gibon

The Universe, by Sengai Gibon

cosmic mode

cosmic mode

What drives me?

Most of my life is defined around the concept of ONCE. I love solving problems and to me this is the answer to everything. I talk about it constantly and tend to link everything back to the possibilities born from it.

Considering the validation and syncronicity with emerging cultural phenomemon, strange prophetic fairytales I’ve experienced, and unbelieveable networks of genius people emerging in my life, I am quite certain somewhere held within is the catalyst we’ve been waiting for. A vision held in all of us already, waiting to be birthed on the collective stage.

ONCE is the map, strategy and fractal concept coming from a place far beyond my individual mind. Another humble attempt at pointing to the eternal tao… with practical, playful and visual steps to point ever more beautifully.

<aside> 🃏 It is the wildcard, the transcendent dance at the end of time, the ultimate onboarding to the infinite game.


I hope in your explorations from here you support my delivery, in seperating the message from the messenger.

You can see a high level overview of where it begins on the ONCE website, or explore further reading below.

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What do I do?

Strategy in many forms but I focus on areas of narrative, branding and audience development, with more hands on skills ****in film & video production (animated, live action or mixed). I aim to make the complex problems and solutions of the future more digestible and relatable through storytelling and visualisation, combining insights from the creative industries and the practices of tech startups.

In the past 5 years I’ve worked on independant concept design and strategy for system change, film-making and creative direction. I support regenerative or impact startups which can complement the ultimate media venture studio. I now specialise in bridging theoretical concepts, organisational missions in community, and projecting ideal futures into our awareness through story, symbolism and emotion. (see who I work with)

My current plan is to grow a generative network of creators in the metamodern movement, to embody future culture within community, communicate the shifts in societal paradigms necessary for regeneration, and develop the shared narrative and belief of a new value system.

Surrounded by the best creatives to communicate through symbolism, myth and play.

You can check out my latest films here.

I write a newsletter, make films, and host physical and digital events.

My background was in 3D animation and Visual Effects, I worked in feature film post houses and vfx studios, soaking in hours of audio content each day around entrepreneurship, cultural change, communication and tech. Working toward this synergy of the creative and technical trained me to relentlessly solve problems and think in processes, while the curiosity explored through audio gave an extensive overview of our changing landscape.

<aside> 🐒 I talk about the intersection of Coliving, Media, Community, Technology and System Change.



I see us living today in both a war and a playground, in which we need to reignite our imagination for the future to swerve from a dystopian alternative. Holding the ideal as our north star and designing our collective beliefs more consciously to spur culture into response, to the callings of our time.


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I believe this metamodern renaissance we're entering now will bring some of the most interesting years of our lives and I seek to recognise the others and help them speak into being the narrative of transcendence. Designing visuals, cultivating sanctury and setting the stage for the infinite game.

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