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How to Use This Guide

Starting off

The introduction outlines the purpose of the guide, the history that brought it about and an overview of the sources used to develop the content. It defines who network managers are and the impetus for creating networks to address complex problems.


Who Should Use This Guide?

[Networks: When and Why](https://www.notion.so/Networks-When-and-Why-e132f7bff83343429f3faa0d56ee11c8)

[Glossary of Key Terms](https://www.notion.so/Glossary-of-Key-Terms-c12255c01fde443ca524d836076722e9)

Network Basics

Healthy, successful networks typically share certain components and characteristics. This section outlines the basic structure of a network and the elements that make a strong network. Additionally, you can take the quiz: Do I have a network?

[Network Basics.](https://www.notion.so/Network-Basics-6aa6eacf7a49462fbb2edd31b2e3d0ed)

[Network Structure](https://www.notion.so/Network-Structure-67b4873c2d504bb799c5d3099736f827)

[The Seven Elements of an Effective Network.](https://www.notion.so/The-Seven-Elements-of-an-Effective-Network-5e9f4f0468ed4616af5cdf635012ea3a)

[Questions to Help Identify Presence of Seven Elements.](https://www.notion.so/Questions-to-Help-Identify-Presence-of-Seven-Elements-60c2354384054cfeb1f6f8138660564c)

[Recommended Reading: Network Basics.](https://www.notion.so/Recommended-Reading-Network-Basics-54f3e71e69d44118b17d309e9a242a2a)

Putting Network Basics into Practice

Before a network launches, network managers can ensure that the launch and delivery plan for the network is poised for success. This section will walk you through the key questions to ask when assessing network values as you are creating or reviewing a new network proposal and tracking value-add in an existing network. Additionally, key network structures and roles are covered: Building the frame (including setting up data collection, privacy policies, and boundaries) and establishing roles and responsibilities adds nuance to the 5 key roles in a network. Also, network design differentiates between centralized and decentralized networks and includes a quiz.

[Network Value.](https://www.notion.so/Network-Value-732851a501224786b43098f1de00b70a)

[Network Infrastructure & Roles](https://www.notion.so/Network-Infrastructure-Roles-af203a382dad4ae39ce15f440a78ab35)