Classes, times, and topics

There will be lectures on Tuesday and Thursday every week from 11 AM to 12 PM EST (For now, subject to poll in discord), and focus groups on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the same time (again hours may vary as weeks go on). - all class recordings!

Attendance is expected, but recordings will be sent out in case of time conflicts.

The lesson plan is below, we may adjust this if the pace is too fast/difficult for everyone.

Week one: Learning to become an Etherscan detective, and understanding the data/token landscape!

Week two: Making sense of smart contracts, specifically learning to work with composable data!

Week three: Putting it all together, to become an open-source query Dune Wizard!

Week four:* Dashboards and Storytelling, really connect with the community behind the data!

<aside> ⚠️ *The fifth and last week of the course is Thanksgiving week, but we will spend it reviewing all students' work and hosting daily office hours. Fourth-week bounties will be delayed to the end of the fifth week, so students have more time to work on their dashboards and write-ups.


Helpful Resources:

I'll compile a list of query resources below:

Web3 Query Quick Start Guide

Table Mapping Guide

Dune Utility Queries

Reading Resources

Student Bounties