more detailed resources on tables can be found in Dune's gitbook

There are three main tables in Dune generated from raw Ethereum data, which are the source truth for everything else on the platform:

Idea board - Transaction2Table.jpg

From these three tables, you can build up all the other tables in Dune:

Idea board - Dune Table Hierarchy (1).jpg

If you can't figure out the table to query from, you'll need to dig through an example transaction hash on Etherscan to figure out the call/evt Contract.

We cover this in focus group 6 (for DPI minting), but essentially go tx_hashcontract in "to" → code and pull the contract name from there. If it's a proxy, Etherscan will link you to an implementation address.

You should always try and use the Contract or Abstraction tables when you can. The most popular abstraction table is dex.trades

We cover this table in Lecture 4.