“I love Thai food!” or “I want to go to Thailand!” are phrases I hear quite often. People love Thailand. Thailand is a home for destination weddings, retreats, vacations, and for some, medical tourism. The lower cost-of-living, slower pace of life and its culture of Buddhism, meditation and mindfulness makes it a great place to slow down and relax. As a developing country, Thailand is rich with opportunities to give back to local communities and volunteer at regional NGOs and nonprofits.

In 2003, I went on a mission to support the transformation of Thailand and brought the work of Dance Labs - what emerged was Dance Chalat, a pilot program to foster a child’s creativity through dance. In 2007, I created what I would later discover to be a prototype of a social commons in Wikispaces and later found myself at the Asia Commons conference rooting my lifelong commitment to the commons.

I returned to the states in 2008 and founded Weave Your Legacy to interconnect the world’s legacies through the use of the Business Model You methodology in 2013. My back had given out earlier in 2004 and pushing myself further was a recipe to be burnt out by 2014. I pulled up my bootstraps and elevated my commitment to wellbeing and a world that thrives in 2015. A book, The Patient Will See You Now, inspired me to return to San Francisco in 2016 and contribute to the healthcare industry. Little did I know I was there to experience innovative ways to create deeper connections (with ourselves, each other, and nature) and was invited to become a community leader around the art of micro fusion by 2019. Looking back, I had spoken to over 10,000 strangers between 2017 and 2021 - each and every conversation served as a reminder the stories we share around our superpowers of dance inspire people and leave people smiling. We renew the spirit every time we share.

The pandemic invited us to rethink how we participate online and returned to Temecula in 2021. To kick off the new year in 2021 I invited my micro fusion community to build new awareness for wellbeing. In 2022, I invited the Roam Book Club to build collective intelligence for wellbeing (Roam Book Club for Wellbeing). A third iteration awaits around the corner for 2023 to discover how to best bring the worlds of dance, tech, and wellbeing together.

Thailand recently declared an initiative to revitalize its tourism industry and be a world-class wellbeing hub. I’m inspired to take my portfolio to Thailand and support this effort. I’m proud to own a niche in dance and envision a form of “dance tourism” emerging as a creative way to discover what matters to people (Dancer’s Journey). My commitment to Weave Your Legacy, collaboration, and stand for Dance at the Heart of 1 Billion Thriving brings communities together. I am excited about hosting a dance retreat and sharing some of the most cutting edge modalities for shifting one’s consciousness. I see tourists returning home brand new people - we gave them new tools to create their own local dance communities and with the power of the Internet, we continued facilitating their growth and our dance collective as a whole continued to expand.

Initial Research

without doing much market research, we can already notice:

  1. people talk about visiting Thailand all the time
  2. exotic destination weddings
  3. retreat destination
  4. backpacker friendly
  5. medical tourism
  6. strong culture of Buddhism, meditation and mindfulness
  7. low-cost of living
  8. amazing food and cuisine
  9. one of the top entrepreneurial countries in the world <insert source>
  10. vibrant tourism industry
  11. central travel hub in Asia
  12. integrative healthcare (Eastern and Western)
  13. volunteerism (large presence of regional NGOs)