I feel my general experience of life is being a “dance tour guide” - I love introducing people to dane and if they are dancers, introducing them to new modalities and ways to play with their growth. When I helped co-found Dance Labs, I saw myself as a Dance Explorer, someone who goes out there and scouts for new dance experiences. I feel I continue to do this, to this day and took time to stop and look at the emerging market of what dance is today and it is one of the more complexes markets out there if you look through some of the distinctions that make one experience different from another!


I’ve been meaning to make a dance “infographic” of some kind to give a sense of the movement space I am in and surprisingly, if we set the complexity aside, there are relatively few anchors to represent the complexity of the above map!


However, it still leaves a lot of open questions around how one might create the Dancer’s Journey for another!