<aside> ⚠️ You can only use this feature once you've granted Lifeline permission to monitor your keyboard activity. You can do this in the Preferences > πŸ€– Automation section.


It’s hard to get in the habit of always starting and stopping a session whenever you get to work. If you find yourself forgetting to start your sessions a lot, you can turn on the auto-timer function in the πŸ€– Automation section of Preferences. You can indicate after how many minutes of activity a session should start.

For example, if you set this to zero minutes, Lifeline immediately starts a session when you begin using your computer. If you set it to five minutes, auto-timer kicks in with a session once you’ve been active at your computer for five minutes.

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: this setting does not override manual control of Lifeline; you can still start and stop sessions yourself. Auto-timer serves as a β€œbackup” for when you forget to launch a session yourself.

Disabling auto-timer (temporarily)

While auto-timer can be really useful when you're working, the feature gets annoying quickly when you're relaxing at your computer (e.g., surfing the net, watching Netflix, chatting with a friend).

Whenever you find yourself in such a situation, navigate to the taskbar dropdown menu and select Disable auto-timer for... Pick a time, and you will not hear from auto-timer again for a while. 😎


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