August 18, 2021 Creation of digital garden.

August 19, 2021 Added an idea about knowledge creation systems. And thoughts on digital garden environment. Books section has been created.

August 20, 2021 Added material on digital garden, explained a concept of categories.

August 21, 2021 Reorganized information in only project at the moment. Added new stuff about didactic features of learning that is based on creating problematic situations. I am writing article for Russian journal so everything in Russian. Maybe someday I'll get to translating it but not today 🙂

August 22, 2021 Research into linguistics games is added (Life, Language, Game), in Russian. Filled reading list table with books that I've finished or re-read this year and plan to read in near future.

August 23, 2021 Emacs is a pain, small post on the topic. "What is knowledge?" has been added to KCS note.

August 30, 2021 Learn like a Pro summary has been added as a bonus short list of ideas that touched some string in my teacher's soul. 😂

September 17, 2021 Have imported raw notes from the book we are reading in the book club, Logical thinking process.

September 25, 2021 Updated literature notes on Dettmer's book.

September 30, 2021 Notes from chapter 5 have been added, process is not completed.

October 7, 2021 Tiny thought about steadfastness of email

December 12, 2021 Прошла очередная встреча книжного клуба. Обсуждали первые пять глав книги Путь Джедая. Материалы встречи можно увидеть на странице книжного клуба.