👉 This Field Guide for Network Managers is the core text for Netcentric Campaigns online training and skills development online community. Learn more here. For other uses, see Creative Commons Share-Alike license.

This guide is intentionally written so that there is no need to read it in its entirety.

If one of the sections applies to you, feel free to go directly to it. If not, the outline gives an overview of what is included in each section so that users can easily skip to the relevant sections.

This guide is meant to be iterative and to reflect the challenges that network managers, staff, and funders face around network building.

The basic navigation includes how to sort out navigation, leave a comment, and use basic items on the web page like toggles. (click > to expand the content.)

If you have suggestions for improvement or additions to the guide, or if you need extra copies of quizzes or checklists, please contact us at info@netcentriccampaigns.org.

Updates will be posted and changes will be tracked at Status Updates

Also, check out our website for additional resources at www.netcentriccampaigns.org.

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