<aside> 💡 This version only has Gmail, Superhuman, Microsoft Outlook's websites, & LinkedIn enabled currently.


<aside> 💡 The beta is currently only for the general email model and it does not include learning your voice.


<aside> 🕙 This will take ~5-10 minutes to set up


If You Use Gmail

If You Use Superhuman

If You Use Outlook

Join Our Beta Community

  1. Join the Slack channel to surface any feedback
  2. If you have any other questions/issues with joining the community, feel free to email support@compose.ai

Install the Plugin

<aside> 💡 By downloading Compose AI you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. We will never sell your data. If you have questions about this, feel free to email us at support@compose.ai


  1. Find the Chrome Web Store page here and click Add to Chrome


Use Compose

<aside> 💡 For more details, see the [Compose.ai Extension User Guide](https://www.notion.so/Compose-ai-Extension-User-Guide-46bd257dbe8f44f283732be0c5cd12a4)


  1. Just go to Gmail/Superhuman in Google Chrome and start typing. If you have them open, refresh the tab. If you see gray text appear, you ca e zn hit the tab key or right arrow key to have Compose autocomplete that text for you.