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October 14, 2021 Notes on How to read literature like a pro have been added. Finished.

October 26, 2021 Notes from Prerequisite tree chapter have been added.

November 13, 2021 Have expanded my thoughts about levels of agreement

<aside> 🍀 If you are wondering where you've ended up? You are in my digital garden where I plant ideas, follow my thoughts and prune overgrown bushes.

My name is Rustam. I am an English teacher and a researcher. My interests are lying in linguistics, philosophy, sociology, critical thinking and my recent passion is knowledge management.



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Notion of Freedom (Russian)

Emacs teaches humility


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Book club reading The Logical Thinking Process

Notion is not my main tool it's just a place for some of my thoughts. I organize all my ideas using Zettelkasten principles, Obsidian for note-taking, Zotero for keeping bibliography.

<aside> 🌾 Here you can, literally, look through my mind and read what I wish to share with the world. 🌬️ Ideas are the notes that pop up when I stumble upon something interesting. 📝 Projects are completed or just begun projects that I am working on. They are mostly in Russian because usually they are aimed at Russian speaking audience. ✍️ Blog posts are copies of what I post on my blog they are also mainly in Russian.