Use the M○C△ ROOMs (now LIVE) flagship product to bridge NFTs from your M○C△ Multipass and all the M○C△ Show exhibits you’re collaborating on into interoperable 3D architecture that can be imported into all kinds of virtual worlds. The technology described in this page allows you to curate and spin up beautiful NFT exhibitions in less than an hour.



<aside> 💡 The ROOMs dapp was launched in summer 2022. NFT auctions since February. The ROOMs contracts + onchain curation systems launching in December 2022.


Below you find a constantly growing list of virtual worlds that support ROOMs with no coding and no design skills required. Just curate + download your ROOM inside the dapp and upload it into your favorite worlds. Most of them are free and some even come with multiplayer support.


Integration into Hyperfy


Integration into Webaverse

Upload ROOMs into Virtual Worlds

The Metaverse consists of many different worlds and ROOMs has been envisioned to be used across many of them. Interoperability is key and you’re able to upload your curations into various worlds some of which even allow you to spin up multiplayer scenes with a few clicks that can be shared via a single url. Explore the demos by MOCA to get a better understanding of this.

3D worlds/apps for ROOMs

View ROOMs via Inspectors

These browser-based inspectors platforms can be used to quickly stage ROOMs and inspect the 3D architecture directly from your browser. The lighting is nice and performance is usually very good aswell so we can recommend to use these platforms to rapidly produce photo and video content of your NFT exhibition even on weaker office notebooks.

3D worlds/apps for ROOMs


What’s next for MOCA ROOMs?