<aside> πŸ’« Welcome to Remote's public handbook! This section of our handbook is publicly available to support all our internal employees, other remote first companies, and candidates wondering what it's like to work at Remote. We are continuously adding new content, but if there is something you can't find here, don't hesitate to reach out to people@remote.com to see if we can add an additional topic or to advocate for a new public page. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as we like being transparent about it! πŸ™‚


<aside> 🌐 Remote is a global company. We do not have an office anywhere in the world. We are also not a corporate or traditional company whatsoever. We are a modern tech and product tech company with a people-first approach. We have operationalized our Values, and we use these in everything we do day to day. Learn more by viewing all the different areas of this public handbook.


<aside> πŸ’‘ Note: This handbook is public. Do not add any personal or confidential information to it.


<aside> ❗ This handbook applies to internal employees of Remote. If you're employed through Remote for one of our amazing clients, you should follow what is in your contract and what your actual employer directs you to do.





Working Async at Remote


How to Run a Meeting

External Communication

Culture of Documentation

Sharing information


Bad Ideas and Problems

Planning for the Unknown


[people] Belonging: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

[people] Total Rewards

[people] Benefits & perks

PTO - Paid Time Off

[people] Expenses, Reimbursements & Brex

[people] Reproductive Health & Wellbeing

[people] Self-care day

[people] Country Specific Supplemental Benefits

[people] Onboarding Buddies

[people] Career Levels

[people] Career Levels (WIP)

[people] Job descriptions at Remote - Handbook Edition

[people] Resources for People Leaders

[people] How to Prepare for Emergencies

[people] Social Connection Guide


[people] Holiday Playbook


Prototype Project

Remote HQ


Elevator pitch

Branding Guidelines

Engineering and Security

Engineering Rulebook

Remote Engineering Career Paths

The Remote Flow

Information security and best practices


[product] Handbook


Design Team Manifesto

Remote Product Design Career Framework

Remote Product Design Career Paths

Legal and Compliance

Anti-Harassment Policy

Β Veremark & Remote

Vendor Selection

Workplace Privacy Notice (EEA & UK)

Remote for Ukraine

Remote for Ukrainians


[people] FAQs for candidates and new hires

[people] Interviewing at Remote

[people] Candidate Experience Surveys

[people] Accessible & Inclusive Interviews

[people] Talent Acquisition Team Alignment