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Hi, my name is Zoe. I'm currently enjoying life by creating online content and writing my blog 👩🏻‍💻

📺 Managing Director and Digital Content Creator of @somelikeitpop.

💼 Communication Coordinator at Deerfield Public Library

〽️ Research Associate at the University of Michigan

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Seeking roles in Social Media, Digital Marketing, and the Entertainment industry. Skills and Experience in Academic Research, Public Speaking, Media Production, and Marketing. Dedicated Social Media Content Creator of 5 years. Passionate about pop culture, writing, editing, learning new skills, strengthening old skills, and being a part of a team. Willing to relocate and travel.


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Hey there! I’m Zoe, nice to meet you. Here’s my story ⬇️😊💭

All of my life, I have been obsessed with anything media and pop culture related. When deciding what I wanted to study in school, it was one of the easiest decisions ever to pursue a B.A. in Communication and Media at the University of Michigan.

📺 In 2017, I created @somelikeitpop on Instagram to express my love for music, movies, and television. Today, I have amassed over 40k followers and 50 million views across social media. As a content creator, I have been able to learn firsthand what it takes to build a successful brand and online presence.

💿 Check out my social medias @somelikeitpop on all platforms or go to for links!

💼 I am currently working as a Communication Coordinator for Deerfield Public Library and as a Research Associate for the University of Michigan Libraries.

👩🏻‍💻 In my free time, I like to write essays on her blog,, about entertainment, social media, and politics & how they intersect.

📩 Want to connect with me? I am always open to making new connections on LinkedIn and Social Media. Please email me at or PM me with any thoughts, comments, or questions about my work. You can find me online at @somelikeitpop.

Throughout this portfolio, you will see what I have accomplished throughout my academic journey and what I've built with my vast online presence.


Amir Baghdadchi

Title: Senior Associate Director Cell: 248-504-9282

Craig Smith

Title: Assessment Specialist Cell: 617-875-9469


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2022 —

2020 —

Library Analytics Presentations

Communication Coordinator

Deerfield Public Library

Research Associate

University of Michigan

Project to gather feedback to improve library services and implement Library Analytics practices. “Library Patron Data: Patron Perceptions and Preferences about Storage and Use”