Note: I accidentally and at the same on purpose erased my webpage, so this needs some editing and updating.

I am a mathematician currently postdocing (Assistant Research Professor is my title here) at the University of Connecticut. Currently I work with Jerzy Weyman and talk with Ralf Schiffler here. During my PhD at the University of Toronto, I was a member of the Homological Methods Seminar under the supervision of Ragnar-Olaf Buchweitz. This shaped my research interests: representation theory, commutative algebra, homological algebra etc. After Ragnar passed away, I started working with Graham Leuschke while staying officially as a graduate student at the University of Toronto under the supervision of Joel Kamnitzer. I am an organizer of UCGEN and I used to live at AdIMOM.

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Curriculum Vitae - Özgür Esentepe