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Wilder Wheels is the first major industry launched by Wilder World. Offering playable vehicles that you will be able to race inside Wiami. Each vehicle has dynamic gameplay attributes that offer various things like handling, speed and acceleration. Similar to Axie Infinity there are inflationary and deflationary mechanics in the NFT economy that enable you to modify and evolve your vehicles and gameplay strategy. The first collection of vehicles is called Wilder Wheels Genesis. Offering 6396 procedurally generated 5D 1 of 1 NFT vehicles.

Player vs Player (PvP) and Play to Earn (P2E) is a key part of Wilder World, which can be engaged through various micro games. The first micro game will be racing for pink slips using our Wilder Wheels NFTs... Think GTA with real stakes on the line! Beyond that, Wiami will provide an expansive virtual environment for both Artists and Collectors to explore. Wilder World and our sister organization ZERO is currently in development with a team of over 100 people contributing from 20+ different countries around the world.


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