🖤 About us

Zenskar is building new-age billing and pricing infrastructure for SaaS companies. As SaaS pricing evolves from vanilla subscription based models to more granular usage based models, billing and pricing infrastructure needs to be completely reimagined.

Zenskar is founded by Apurv Bansal & Saurabh Agrawal, who sold their previous startups to Snapdeal and Gaana respectively. They have experience at organizations such as Google, Basepair, Elevation Capital, IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi and Harvard Business School. We are funded by marquee global investors, including Bessemer Venture Partners.

We are building our founding team, and are looking for folks who are excited about learning and meaningfully shaping the trajectory of an early stage startup from Day 0 in its journey.

We’re default alive: http://www.paulgraham.com/aord.html

💥 Marketing @ Zenskar

At Zenskar, marketing is as critical to solving our users’ problems as our core product. Marketing is a two pronged strategy for us -

  1. Product marketing: The goal of product marketing is to clearly communicate the value proposition of our product to both internal and external stakeholders via our website, sales collateral, case studies etc.

We need to strike a chord with the end user and demonstrate the RoI of our product, so the buying decision becomes a no brainer.

  1. Organic marketing: The goal of organic marketing is to ensure that our users need not wait to use our product to see value from Zenskar. We aim to become the most trusted authority that users look up to as experts in the space.

We will offer a variety of resources for our users - blog, newsletter, ebooks, whitepapers, webinars, social media content, podcasts, videos, community etc. These resources should be more than enough to solve a large proportion of problems faced by them.

Marketing needs to first identify problems that our users (finance teams at software companies) face on a daily basis, and then create content that helps them.

😎 What you can expect