ZenML is a MLOps framework to create reproducible ML pipelines for production machine learning use-cases.


ZenML’s mission is to accelerate worldwide problem solving by making machine learning simple. Our open-source framework allows data scientists to write their code as automated pipelines from day 1. We have created an open-source MLOps framework that is built in a way to encourage the iterative and experimental nature of machine learning work. However, the real transformative value of our work is that our extensible framework also provides a path to an automated, production-ready software base that can be deployed on any cloud or backend service. We operate on an open-source business model, and our software core is freely available on GitHub.

What unites us is our passion to work on cutting-edge technology, the willingness to go ‘one step further’ and the great fun we enjoy together at work and in our free time. Now, we are quickly growing and looking for motivated team members to join and grow our open-source base, and build a community around our framework.

Read more about why ZenML exists here.

Open Positions


Your Future Team

At ZenML we love what we do and don't take ourselves too seriously internally. Join us and you can look forward to BBQs, sailing trips, gaming nights, and more!

Join us for sailing trips

Join us for sailing trips

Our hiring process

We understand the hiring process can be super tough for candidates. Therefore, we are working hard to make it as transparent and lean as possible for anyone who applies at ZenML. So, if you are hesitating due to the overhead, don't! We will treat your application with the utmost respect and priority.

Once you apply our team will carefully review your CV and application in an initial screening. After that your journey with us will follow this outline:

  1. The phone interview (ca. 15 minutes)

    In a short phone call we will give you the gist of the position, give you the chance to ask initial questions and allow us to get a feeling for you as a person. We strongly believe in our culture and want to get to know you. What motivates you, where do you come from - WHO are you?

  2. The challenge (depends on the position, usually 2-5h)

    We don't like whiteboard interviews and weekend-filling coding challenges. You're a pro, and we want to give you a platform to show that - in an environment you like. Your editor, your machine, your setup. All our challenges will be based either directly on the role you applied for or be as similar as it can get, because you deserve to get a glimpse at what you'll be doing, too.

  3. The onsite interview (ca. 1.5 - 2 hours)

    This will be the main interview, and most importantly your chance to get to know us. We want to know your superpowers, your skills that make you you. And since you spent time on the challenge we gave you we'd like to know how it went, how did you solve it, can we improve it?

  4. The grande finale (ca 30 - 60 min)

    Every journey has its finale. You'll meet your future team and get the chance to talk shop with them.

Join ZenML 🙏 and send your application (Position applied for, CV, optional motivation letter) to