Tracking fitness in virtual reality is a pain. That's why we built YUR: to make creating and managing your fitness metrics across any game or application easy and all in one profile.

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What Are Badges?

Badges are icons added to a user's YUR Fit profile. They are visible under the calorie wheel on the YUR Fit app home page, accessible through the YUR Fitness app or web app.

You can click on any badge to bring up any information about your badges.

How Do I Earn Badges?

Badges are earned at the end of every season, or month when levels reset. Some limited-edition versions can also be earned through events YUR may organize, stated via social media. The Founders' Edition badge is earned by having used the YUR leveling system before seasons were implemented.

Badges earned via levels will be a different color dependent on the highest level reached during the season. Each badge tier and color corresponds to the range your highest level reached fell within.

<aside> 💡 If you are in our Discord server and have integrated Discord with your YUR Fit account, you will be given the corresponding colored role to your current tier within a season. Integrate through your YUR Fit profile here.


How badges work. The numbers here correspond to the level.

How badges work. The numbers here correspond to the level.

Currently available badges.

Currently available badges.

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