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June 16, 2021

May 24, 2021

This is my Product Hunt journey documented, started May 24, 2021

Product Hunt Launch Results

Launched: June 11, 2021

Overall, my experience was great. I had a mishap with the launch. I forgot to move the scheduled launch day and the project launched incomplete. I contacted support and they were nice enough to remove it and let me try again.

Considering I don't have a long history at Product Hunt and I didn't use a well known hunter I'm happy with the results. I got a nice jump in traffic to the site, increasing awareness and was to got a great backlink to the site.

I would say this marketing venture is a success.


Just Start

Step 0: Start talking about it.

Step 1: Explore the Product Hunt Site

Step 2: Research other resources about Product Hunt and Best Practices for launching

Test Run

I have two other project i launched publicly but not on product hunt.