Chief Snow Officer @ Snowball

I am currently building a company called Snowball in the Wealth Management landscape. Snowball is currently a newsletter, and a community, but stay tuned for more (or subscribe to Behind the Curtain, the newsletter where I build Snowball in public).

πŸ‘ I love sports (especially running), to build rocket models (like rockets that can actually fly), tattoos (I've got 3 so far), building stuff (online and offline), finance, fintech, insurtech, new models of organization, reading, learning, studying, traveling, and helping people.

πŸ‘Ž I don’t really like clubs, trendy and crowded bars where you can't talk, small talks, fake marketing and branding, and manipulative marketing.

Where you can find me

Snowball, wealth management for humans

Behind the Curtain, building Snowball in public

If you're interested in following the construction of Snowball, you can subscribe to Behind the Curtain right here: πŸ‘‡