Strengths are patterns of thinking, feeling, or behaving that, when exercised, engage and energize you and allow you to perform at your optimum level. Your strengths are the things you look forward to doing, that you do well and leave you feeling satisfied and fulfilled. They represent you at your best.

Understand your strengths

Everyone exhales in something, can you spot yours? Do you do well in a content switch type of work, do people love to talk to you, are you open-minded to new ideas, are you persistent when having a task?

Below you will find a list of skills, through internal observation, talking with your peers, friends, life partners, and manager, try to map which ones are the ones YOU exhale.

What are your strengths? Mark 5-6

What are the strengths you have that you feel that are not reaching their full potential? Mark 1-2

What are your weak spots, weakness that if working on might be

a game-changers for you to achieve your goals? Mark 2-3

A good way to find out what you are good at is to use Harvard's RBS (Reflected best self) method.

Skill Map

Add or remove relevant skills based on the role and needs

Interpersonal Skills