This exam is designed to test your knowledge in C# by creating a simple Tic Tac Toe game. If you pass this test, you can be sure to be eligible to take the XR Foundations Bootcamp (make sure you’ve carefully read the curriculum before applying).

To get started, please download the zip file below. When you finish make sure that you submit your public project git link and the output video showing how it plays.

Your objective is to program a computer player (an AI) that is smarter than the provided example. It should read the board and adapt to the player’s movements. The AI should actively block the real player from winning instantly or winning more than 50% of the games.

Some of the additional features you’ll have to program are:

It is completely okay to fail this test.

If you happen to find that any of the concepts used in the system are too complex or you’re not familiar with them, we do recommend going through the Free C# coding course since all concepts are explained in detail there.


Note: Be aware that copying or having someone else do the test for you is just not a good idea. We believe that if you carefully work your way through the C# course, and attempt the C# test (as many times as you like) you will be able to succeed. This is an eligibility test, and if you don't pass this test, you will not be able to succeed the Bootcamp. If, at any point, we notice that you did not do the test by yourself, you forfeit the rights to any XR Bootcamp class, and all gained certificates will be void.

Project Files