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SHIELD is a development framework for circom developers. SHIELD is a tool to provide libraries, plugins, and testing tools to ensure code quality and security.

What will it look like?

Following are the components of SHIELD:

  1. Development framework
    1. Users can setup their project - DONE
    2. Users will have a generalized template they can begin working on - DONE
    3. Basic integration of circomlib, circomlibjs, snarkjs in the repository - DONE
    4. Config files to manage compilations of the circuit - DONE
  2. Coding experience
    1. Circom linter
    2. Circom prettier
    3. No more bump solidity
  3. Plugins and libraries
    1. Extended libraries over circomlib in order to integrate it with test cases
    2. SnarkJS setup through config files
    3. Direct compilation of circuits without depending upon RUST and circom installation - DONE
  4. Execution
    1. Integration of foundry’s anvil
    2. CLI tool to debug the transaction and trace mappings in the verification process
    3. CLI tool to understand the circuit flow while proof generation
    4. Circom debugger
  5. Modular design
    1. Users can select the verifier contract language
    2. Users can also code CAIRO, SNARKYJS, Zokrates, and ZYNC in it

Similar Projects:

Hardhat-circom is the closest project to ours but it is also an extension over hardhat framework to support snarkjs trusted setup.