About you: our community builder.

Community is at the very core of our why. It's the reason we founded Wagr.

One of the key insights behind our product is that sports bets, when kept to healthy amounts and between friends, have the potential to be much more than just transactions. At their best, sports bets can bring people closer to their friends, families, and communities and give users a fun way to engage with those they care about. But to bring that vision to life we'll need more than just a beautifully designed app: we'll have to build a strong and engaged audience.

As our Founding Community Manager you will play a critical role in helping us build and nurture a thriving community around our social betting product. We're biased (duh), but we think this is a very special opportunity! We haven't even launched our product yet, so you won't be inheriting a community of users nor be handed a task-list of things you are expected to do. You will have the opportunity to seed and shape the Wagr community before it even exists.

You'll help nurture and grow a community from the ground up.

We've been quietly working for over a year to become one of the very first social betting products to obtain regulatory clearance to operate. Our app is for everyone. It will empower sports fans to challenge anyone else in their state to a friendly bet, regardless of their sports betting experience.

We're gearing up for potential launch in late 2021 in one US state, and are looking for someone energetic, creative, and deeply passionate to lead our community building efforts.

Our expectations of you will be high! We'll lean on you not only to build a strong community around our product, but also to shape the product itself. As we launch and scale, you'll be the voice in the room that represents users and makes sure everyone on our team is deeply connected to our audience.

We're a small but mighty team that consistently punches above its weight.