🏆 Open Positions

We're on a mission to reinvent sports betting into a social, safe, and inclusive experience designed for all sports fans, not just gamblers.

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💯 Cool...but why?

Well, because sports unite us.

Sports have a superpower: they can eliminate the artificial divisions that permeate our society and help build tightly-knit communities around them. But these special qualities are notably absent from one of the biggest opportunities to emerge in recent history: the legalization of sports betting in the US.

Today, sports betting is still a complex, solitary, and often predatory experience. Products are only designed for gamblers, and brands only speak to men. We felt that sports betting was missing the mark on most fans (people like us!), so we started Wagr to fix that.

We want to build communities, strengthen friendships, and give fans a reason to chuckle... even when their favorite team loses.

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