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👋 Hello! We’re Plenty

For 95% of us, the journey from financial anxiety to financial abundance isn’t just going to happen magically; it will be the result of a thousand compounding right decisions. Making those decisions is incredibly difficult, and the industries that claim to help are rife with perverse incentives and predatory behavior. People need something better.

We started Plenty because we believe everyone - not just the wealthy few - deserves access to the personalized insight necessary to make great financial decisions. The only way to do this at scale, affordably, is through a self-serve financial planning platform made for the everyday person, incentive-aligned to act in their best interest — so that’s what we’re building.

ℹ️ About the role

We’re looking for a product-focused full-stack engineer to join our founding engineering team as we build Plenty’s initial web app and culture from the ground up.

The initial technical challenges include an interactive, realtime forecasting engine (think a supercharged personal finance spreadsheet), an internal API to provide personalized comparisons and insights from public datasets & third-party APIs, and account tracking to help Plenty members measure their progress over time — and that’s just the beginning! Technically, you’ll be comfortable working across our stack (Typescript, React, Node, Postgres), doing the end-to-end work necessary to deliver product experiences that help and delight our users, and finding the balance between rapid execution and laying the foundation to support future engineers.

A great fit for this role is deeply passionate about our mission and excited for the unique autonomy, impact and challenges that come with an important position at an early-stage startup. We’re collaborative, kind, supportive folks, so you’ll not be thrown in the deep end to sink or swim - but we will expect you to take ownership of large projects and ask the questions + do the work necessary to ship them successfully, inspiring us and your future teammates with your grit and tenacity along the way 🙂

🚀 In this role, you will: