<aside> 🌱 Hello! Welcome to my digital garden, a cyclical space where I nurture ideas. I’m Aishwarya, a Senior UX designer for Trust and Safety Tools at the Wikimedia Foundation. I was formerly on the Abstract Wikipedia team leading design for Wikifunctions.


🥬 Digital gardening?

A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden

The Garden and the Stream: A Technopastoral

<aside> 🎨 My design practice is open, equity-centered, and iterative. I look at problems through a systems lens and tell stories as I solve and create.


<aside> 🌱 Who is to know what is to come. The only certainty is adventure!


🖌️ Design

Feminist product work

10-week course on Responsible Technology

Trust and Safety Tools team: Private incident reporting system

Abstract Wikipedia team: Function editor for Wikifunctions

⌨️ Writing

We designers are storytellers and researchers. I believe I do both best through writing, but to me writing is itself the joy. My writing practice is meditate and iterative, and I love crafting the perfect sentence. I tinker, over and over until the language simmers with emotion.

What is Digital Gardening, a brief

Building Equitable and Ethical Technology

Stop building products, start building systems

Alternatives to proprietary (i.e. capitalist) technology

Workshop on influential communication

Mental health in the workplace

Works in progress

In the spirit of a digital garden, below are some deeply incomplete ideas. It’s always difficult to share “half-baked” ideas because you feel vulnerable to others’ judgement. Will they think I’m dumb or uninteresting? But in reality, each idea we have is filled with potential and dies too early. The idea matures and ripens with time and love, as we tend to it gently.

My lessons from writing cover letters

Mobile diffs, Wikipedia, and disinformation (WIP)

The history of colonialism (work in progress)

For fun, a bit about me (WIP)

Systems thinking (WIP)

Misinformation (WIP)

The challenge of using the inclusive product development playbook during uncertain times

Random design resources I like 🩺