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👋🏾 I’m a full stack product designer with a keen interest in Trust and Safety, responsible technology, and decolonial theory. I also mentor emerging BIPOC designers, write, and make art.

My strengths lie in navigating complexity with curiosity, digging deep into user needs, turning blue-sky ideation into tactical thinking, UX design, storytelling and writing, stewarding collaboration across teams, and equity-based systems thinking.

Deep dive

Designing essential parts of Wikipedia’s regulation system

coming soon

⚙️ Automoderator (2023-current)

⚠️  This project will be added to my portfolio soon


Incident reporting system, 2022-2023

⚠️ Updates are being made to this project

Designing a digital system for Wikipedia’s over 8 million contributors to report incidents of harassment, illegal content, and other behavior that violates our community standards.

🎉 Update:  Wikifunctions has launched (September 2023)! ****It has seen over 220 active contributors, putting it in the top 10% of Wikimedia projects.


Integrated developer environment (IDE), 2021-2022

Designing the core user experience for Wikifunctions, a multilingual, open source platform to write code.

Workflows for Wikifunctions, 2022

Writing code is a complex process. I designed simple and intuitive workflows for junior-level developers and non-technical Wikimedians to contribute to Wikifunctions.